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It won’t be an exaggeration, if one says that tats are the latest heartthrob of the young generation. Traversing its path from the days where it used to be mere symbols of faith, the tat has found its way into the field of fashion where today it poses to be one of many strong contenders in the field of body art. Its uniqueness and the option of wide selection of tats at present, provides the tat seeker with a large menu to select from.

The ones in demand among the youngsters at present are the classic tribal cross tattoo, angel winged tribal religious tat, floral tribal cross tat, henna tribal tattoo and Celtic tribal religious tat. The one which is most popular among these is the classic tat. Being broader than the other tats these tats are easily visible figure. Their broad nature and sharp edges make them very evident and appealing. These tats are the most useful option for the people who want a traditional touch to their tats. Though simple, this form of tribal tat is popular.

The angel winged tribal religious tat, and this can be seen on the lower backs of many girls today, has derived its present form from the simple angel wings. Being exclusively designed for women, these tattoos symbolize love and faith. Though, as a convention the tribal tats are done using black ink, the violation is seen here with the intention of providing the tat a feminine touch. The wings can be created out of different bright colors as per selecting the tattoo seeker. It is in these tattoos, that the blend of tradition and fashion is seen. The religious is sometimes done in the same color as the wings, but otherwise a different color is opted for it.

Next in line is the floral tribal religious tattoo. It is just about the earlier versions of the tattoos designed exclusively for women. The world ‘floral’ stands for the use of flowers in this tat. Initially, several flowers were inked on the sides of the religious. But most butterfly tattoos artists today suggest, just two roses lest the charm of the religious should be lost. This tattoo, which once was previously the most opted for by girls, is not in such great demand at present.

Above mentioned are just the main versions of the tribal cross tattoo. With innovative ideas flowing into the tattoo industry every day, more intricate and exquisite designs are expected soon.

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