Tribal cross tats – elegant body art

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According to one approach, the whole process of getting a tattoo done is compared to falling in love with a person. Similar to how the love for a person leaves a permanent mark on one’s heart, a tattoo leaves a mark deep down the skin impossible to be removed after it is inked once.

How many lines used in the tribal tats and the sharp turns with the lines intersecting each other such as circles and thus leading to an interwoven structure represent the deep human bonds that exist among the tribes. Also, they are an indication of the several truths of life one needs to know. Not many are aware of the fact that the tats can be decoded too. This is why it is known very often that these tattoos are spiritual symbols more than religious symbols.

If one has closely observed the place on the body where the tattoos are placed, he will know that the men usually prefer the tribal tats on their upper arm, forearm, and nape of the neck, chest and shoulder blades. The prime focus of the tat for males is to exhibit his symbol of power and strength. The latest trend is to have the inking on the lower back. For a woman, the goal of the butterfly tattoos is to enhance her beauty and make her look increasingly attractive.

The cross itself having gone through a gradual process of evolution, has now started being used with many virgin designs, the tribal cross tattoos being one. With the inclusion of designs like flowers, fairies and bright colors, women are showing inclination towards the tribal tattoos which formerly was considered to be suitable only for men.

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All about Tattoo

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It is disagreed by many people that tattoo is a form of art.There are also those who would say that graffiti is not art as well. There are many that will disagree with this because just because it’s not put on paper it doesn’t mean that it is not art. There are many forms of art in the world and all it appreciated buy different types of people. All forms of art are a form of expression and that is a human right for all.

For some having a tattoo is more than just a trend. They take this form of art very seriously and they see it differently to others. There are many people that have a unique perspective on a tattoo as they say it is bodily art. There are also many others that feel that they need to follow a trend. Some people just like a tattoo design and would like it on their body. These are people that just want a tattoo just for the sake of having one. There are many others that see is as a form of art and beauty and feel that it is a part of them.

If you have a tattoo or many tattoos on a visible part of your body it seems that majority of society will look down on you. These are people that do not feel the same about a tattoo as some who have them do.

The tattoo would be ugly when the skin gets older.This will result in the tattoo looking very ugly. With age it does not look as good as it does in your youth. There are many that feel ashamed of their tattoos in the end and feel that they where dumb in their youth. This can be the bad side of having the body art done. No body should have body art done if they are doing it for the wrong reasons. The people who love body art love it even in their old age.

Sometimes tattoo becomes to be a rebellious act against their parents for some teens.It is a phase that many seem to go through. There are many people that get their body art removed after a couple of years. This laser treatment is very expensive and a lot more expensive than the body art.

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