Ways To Take Care Of Your Nose Piercing And Jewelry

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The art of nose piercing has become incredibly famous in the recent years. Although this type of piercing is used to be a part of a religious ritual for many tribes in Southern area of Africa, it is the fashion fad among the young age group nowadays.

Like any other form of body piercing, one have to take important steps to make sure that the piercing will recover well. So we will discuss some of the important things you must know if you are planning to get a nose piercing.

1. Check with your doctor first

It can be potentially risky if you are suffering from certain health issues to perform body piercing, therefore it is wise to check with a medical professional or physician and also check if you’re a suitable candidate to get your nose pierced.

2. Clean your nose and jewellery two times a day

After the piercing, you will need to have your nose and jewelry cleansed twice a day. You need to remove any blood deposits from the jewellery with antiseptic. And also thoroughly clean your nose with warm saline water and also cotton balls. Do not use peroxide as it is abrasive.

3. Never mess with the jewellery

Many people often play and fiddle with their jewellery. Be sure to avoid doing this, at least not prior to your nose is entirely healed. Never touch the ring or jewellery too often since this could potentially cause bacterial infection if your hands are not thoroughly clean. You may even chance pulling the jewelry unintentionally, this will cause bleeding and that is something you don’t want to happen.

Piercing will most likely cause the skin to swell, therefore if your nose is swelling, do not panic because it is common. You need to check with your physician or doctor in case the swelling is too unbearable.

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