Tribal cross tattoos – fashion meets tradition

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In the past, with tattoo art undergoing a revival, the forms of tattooing such as tribal tattoos are gaining increased importance. The evidence for the growing demand for such a tattooing can be got from the truth that among the average searches that happen online for various types of tattoos, tribal tattoos take one third the total share. Also due to the flexibility and variety of designs available, these tattoos have made an immense progress in the previous few decades.

The actual fact that the tattoo culture was started by the Ainu tribe of Japan, itself is an indication as to how tattoo culture was more predominant among the tribes. During the earlier days, these tattoos were just worn by the people belonging to one particular ethnic group or clan so that you can show the sense of belongingness. Also since there were no good means of communication back then, skull tattoos made it more convenient for the members of the identical clan to recognize each other. This helped in the situations when envoys needed to be sent to a different state from one kingdom and they needed to be recognized.

In the present day world, where everything is linked to fashion and lots of importance given upon the looks of the person, tribal cross tattoos provide a good choice those of you that wish to create a style statement that belongs to them. Tribal cross tattoo being distinct from the other types of tattoos features its own special position on earth of tattoos. This is one of the reasons that explains why there is lots of clamor in the society for these tattoos.

A lot of the tribal tattoos are inspired by the Maori tribes of New Zealand. These are probably the most sought after designs of tribal cross tattoos. When you were seen with a tribal tattoo, it not only tells about his ancestry but may also reflect his homage for a particular faith. A lot of the secret organizations and federations, where identity is an important aspect, make use that belongs to them type of tribal cross tattoos.

Should you have a tribal cross tattoo on, you could be confident that one of several finest forms of body art is decorating your body. One mustn’t be surprised if a passerby stops you and enquires about the art on your body.

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Things To Choose When It Comes To Tattoo Design

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You can have just about any image or words made into a tattoo for your body. The key to select the right tattoo for you and your body is to think about the tattoo design which best suits your interests and personality. The following are some things to take into consideration in terms of selecting the image or words to have tattooed on your skin.

Choosing a Picture or Text

Several popular tattoos are those which relate to a person’s favorite things. Favorite quotations from books or films are as popular as song lyrics. Often, if a tattoo has some meaning to a person, it makes it all the simpler to select what to have tattooed on your body. For example, it is a chance to honor the people in your life. If your mother passed away, having her favorite flower inked on your body will be a easy way to remember or memorialize her.

A tattoo doesn’t have to be serious. You would have an image tattooed on your skin simply since you like it. In fact, many people look at tattoos as art works. Therefore, you could have a full-on scene inked on your back or could choose a simple symbol that you enjoy. Popular symbols to have tattooed on your body include everything from one’s astrological sign to simple shapes like hearts and stars. If you look at your body as a canvas and as something gorgeous, it will make choosing a tattoo easier.

Size & Location

If you are having trouble in choosing a tattoo, you should take into consideration where you want it. This will help you narrow down your choices. There’s a big difference between having a tattoo done on your back versus on your wrist or ankle. The sheer size of the tattoo is affected by the area you want tattooed. Hence, if you want a large tattoo, you should think about a sizeable piece of your body like the shoulders or stomach and if you want something small in size, it is a good idea to choose an area like the hand or foot.

When it comes to selecting the location of a tattoo, you want to think as much about your job as you do the very look of the design. Some offices or careers frown on tattoos. Hence, you may need to take into account getting your ink done in a spot that can be easily covered for work. This may mean having the ink done on the upper arm versus the forearm so you may wear a shirt or sweater when in professional settings.

Before determining to select tattoo design, the most important thing you need to do is to have hygiene products to sterilize all supplies for tattooing like autoclave sterilizer and Tuttnauer autoclave. It is a great way for sterilization need.


Rediscovering the History of Yakuza Tattoos

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Looking into the history of Yakuza tattoos gives you a rich and valuable understanding of the tradition and its meanings. The tattoos are designed to be a full body shield that includes intricate designs and has subtleties that are striking with the combination of tones and colors. The Shogun’s in the history of Japan is where the designs were prominent. Over the years the meaning has changed, but the powerful message has not.

The original ink designs were given to criminals to designate their status. This was meant to be a mark of shame provided to them. The more crimes committed, the more they were marked. Most often, they would begin as an armband. Additional bands were added when they were convicted of future crimes.

The first known time they appeared was in the seventeenth century. During this time, samurai were employed and loyal to one master. Should that master die or be killed, the remaining samurai would become ronin. This means they served no master, and often contributed to their petty crimes.

They were considered to be like Robin Hood because they often would only steal from the rich. Since they were very skilled at gaining entry to homes and palaces, they put their skills to work by robbing the rich and often giving the spoils to the poor or servants. A large group existed and began to form groups that eventually became very well organized.

Organized crime was a natural progression for these highly skilled groups. A boss or leader would emerge or be selected and the rest of the group would follow them to death. Yakuza became the name of the group. These tattoos are a symbol of loyalty to the boss. Even family members will obtain the drawings as a show of loyalty.

The markings are now a symbol of pride instead of shame as intended. The ink is applied by being tapped into the skin with a needle attached to a wooden handle. The skill takes years to accomplish and often cannot be duplicated with modern equipment. It is very painful and can cost over $100,000 to be created over two years. The hands and face are often the only area that is not covered in the ink drawings.

The history of Yakuza tattoos tells a story of shame turning to pride. Loyalty at all costs is displayed in the ink markings that originated by marking criminals. They number between 80,000 and 100,000 at any given time. Whether they were like Robin Hood or just mischief-makers, those that were original ronin have become one of the oldest organized crime syndicates.

Yakuza tattoos represent the ultimate in full-color body art. The tradition of Japanese tattoos goes back into early history of the culture.


The Nature Of Human Tattoos

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Tattoos are patches of indelible ink that are put under the top layer of skin by use of needles. However, it is also possible to have temporary ones which are stuck on top of skin and last anywhere from a day to several weeks. A tattoo can be put on animal skin in a process that is referred to as branding. It can be put on human skin for cosmetic purposes and even for medicinal purposes.

It has been done by various cultures around the world for centuries, and is difficult to trace the origin of the practice, since many cultures seem to have been doing it for a long time. The design can basically on any part of the body of the bearer.

Tattooing for religious purposes is also not uncommon, because it is a show of faith and allegiance to that particular sect. However, quite a number of religious groups have banned this practice and shun it for one reason or another. Sometimes it is due to historical events that were a dark period for that religion.

Tattooing has increasingly become popular, with many tattoo studios across the country where people can get the work done for payment. There are also many synonyms for it, for example the short form, tat or getting ink or getting work done. The people who do the work are referred to as artists. Their work is displayed in galleries. It is even possible to copyright these works.

As technology has advanced, there are safer methods of getting ink done. Also, there is a much wider variety of pigment color available these days compared to the past. One can get basically whatever design or color or size of tattoo that they wish to have, be it a depiction of a role model, an inspiring symbol or a name, in whatever font.

The artist usually uses a stencil and some form of a marker in order to create the outline which he will later fill in with ink from an electrical appliance mounted with needles. The purpose of this is to get the approval of the bearer as well as to organize the work of the artist so as to avoid mistakes. Costs usually depend on the nature of the design and the size.

There are also different techniques employed such as in the ink, neon colors can be used to give different effects such as black light which are invisible in regular light and visible in the presence of a black light. This is an interesting effect because with it one can reveal their skin without necessarily revealing the canvassed area.

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How to find a Celtic tattoo design?

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The symbols and designs found in Celtic tattoos possess a lot of meaning and symbolism associated with it. These are one of the more popular choices of tattoo designs and the unique patterns found in this increase their appeal. There are knots, crosses and spirals within these designs as well as every single pattern features a distinct meaning. These symbols are revered and it’s also important that you understand the concept of the design before you make the choice. Gods, goddesses, animals and nature were worshiped with the These types of tattoo designs were also utilized to differentiate between the various tribes.

The Celtic tattoo is surely an intricate a thing of beauty, which has managed to capture the imagination of old and young enthusiasts of tattoos art. Just about the most popular tattoo ideas are the Celtic armband tattoos. These are typically small in size when compared to other types of designs such as flowers or spirals or animals which are depicted in these designs. These designs are popular among both males and females and you can also customize them based on your very own preference. However you really should be careful that you don’t show disrespect to these designs in any form because there is much tradition linked to it.

Probably the most popular Celtic designs for guys include knots, spirals, mazes, shamrocks, hearts, the tree of life and zoomorphic tattoo designs. Each one of these features a special significance and relevance attached with it. The knot design has been said to represent the continuous cycle of life, whilst the maze design depicts the journey of life. The tree of life design has been said to symbolize the connection between heaven and earth. There are also lots of animals used in the design of the Celtic tattoo and each and every one of those represents a unique facet of life. The dragon is considered to represent power, although the lion depicts nobility along with the horse is known as a symbol of speed and beauty.

You will find a huge selection of Celtic tattoo designs available and you will make the choice depending on what you wish it to reflect. The colours utilized in these designs in addition have a large amount of significance. These designs may be tattooed anywhere on the body and the most favored placement areas include arms, back, wrist, chest, belly, feet and neck. The web may be the best resource to find the different meanings and symbolism’s linked to each of these designs. It is best to go to a highly skilled tattoo designer to acquire Celtic tattoo designs tattooed against your body. Celtic tattoo can also be a popular choice among celebrities and this also has helped it gain more popularity.

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Tribal cross tats – elegant body art

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According to one approach, the whole process of getting a tattoo done is compared to falling in love with a person. Similar to how the love for a person leaves a permanent mark on one’s heart, a tattoo leaves a mark deep down the skin impossible to be removed after it is inked once.

How many lines used in the tribal tats and the sharp turns with the lines intersecting each other such as circles and thus leading to an interwoven structure represent the deep human bonds that exist among the tribes. Also, they are an indication of the several truths of life one needs to know. Not many are aware of the fact that the tats can be decoded too. This is why it is known very often that these tattoos are spiritual symbols more than religious symbols.

If one has closely observed the place on the body where the tattoos are placed, he will know that the men usually prefer the tribal tats on their upper arm, forearm, and nape of the neck, chest and shoulder blades. The prime focus of the tat for males is to exhibit his symbol of power and strength. The latest trend is to have the inking on the lower back. For a woman, the goal of the butterfly tattoos is to enhance her beauty and make her look increasingly attractive.

The cross itself having gone through a gradual process of evolution, has now started being used with many virgin designs, the tribal cross tattoos being one. With the inclusion of designs like flowers, fairies and bright colors, women are showing inclination towards the tribal tattoos which formerly was considered to be suitable only for men.

In case you are a tat fan looking for top tattoo in town, then your best option would be to select the tribal cross tattoo.

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Tattoo Supplies For Beginning Artists

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Today one might be overwhelmed when they realize the vast expanse of tattoo supplies that are available. However not all of these are important or even needed for someone who is new and just starting out. There are some basic things though that anyone who wants to perform tattoos should know about.

There are many basic tools and a lot of information that is necessary for one to know. This is because they have to be able to understand the type of work that is needed and required of them to be able to do this job. So when one wants to be able to do this then they should be prepared by understanding that one of the most important tools is the machine that is used and, although wrong, sometimes called the gun.

This is not the right thing for anyone to call it but it often gets referred to this way because of its gun like shape or appearance. If one has a desire to give tattoos then they are going to have to use this type of tool or they will not have the most success. The thing is that they can not easily work on the details or finer lines without the assistance that the machine provides.

The needle is going to be another of the most essential tools. There are a variety of different sizes and types of these special needles which are used in the gun. The two types of needles are the choices that are used for outlining and those that are used for the shading.

The third supply that is necessary for the tattooing is ink which is used with the gun and needle. There are many different color choices for this ink and it is available nearly everywhere so one should easily be able to find it. It is absolutely necessary for this to be loaded into the machine or it is not going to work.

The machine works by dipping the needle into the ink and then having the needle prick the skin. When this happens there will be ink that is left into the skin and then a design and picture can be created. As long as things are done in the right way, one should be able to have any look desired.

The power supply is the last of the necessary tattoo supplies. Obviously this important because one has to have power to be able to give a tattoo. So by knowing this information one will be more well prepared and can more easily get started with this art.

tattoo supplies Sterilization of all needles is extremely important. The interior of the shop should always be kept dust free. tattoo equipment


The Tattoo Equipment Every Artist Must Have

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To perform safe and professional body art you need a variety of tattoo equipment. The professional knows that it takes more than a gun and some pigment to produce quality work. For those not in the know, here is a list of everything you will need.

An autoclave is the most important instruments in a studio. This is essential for sterilization of the whole operation. Steam is applied in high pressure to the tubes and needles and the chances of infection are minimized.

The actual machine that does the art is known in the industry as a gun. The gun has needles in the centre that are pushed up and down by electromagnetic coils. A foot pedal controls the speed of these needles.

The needles used in this machine vary in size. To draw an outline a five or three round liner is used. For shading, flat or mag needles are used. Mags are staggered, which lets the pigment flow more evenly.

Green soap is used to clean the skin before the artwork begins. This soap is made of vegetable oils. It should also be applied to clean the work halfway through and before the finished article is covered.

Artists have their own opinion as to what ink works the best. The best kinds are those that are applied easy, stay vibrant after completion and penetrate the skin properly. Ask other artists what brands they prefer. Gloves are necessary for hygiene. They should be latex free because some clients could have allergies. Powdered gloves can irritate and upset some skin types.

The ultrasonic is also another important tool of the trade. This will dislodge any unwanted deposits of ink on the skin. It does this by emitting a high frequency vibration and needs to be applied before the color of the art is changed.

Making a mistake can damage a reputation and the best way to avoid this is by having the perfect grip. The wrong grip can cause your hand to become sore. Experiment with different sizes until you find the perfect fit.

This is the standard tattoo equipment every artist should have. A lot of this is down to personal taste, but some things are standard. Always work with an artist that has all of these items in their studio.

When a business owner is not concerned about customer satisfaction they will be struggling to stay in business long term. Most of the people that are doing this want to start their own business in this field. tattoo equipment | tattoo supplies


Tattoo Ideas : What To Know Before Getting Your Tattoo

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Not all tattoos fall under the header of body art, because not all tattoos are made by artists. If you want body art, you must select a tattoo artist that can show you examples of the work he has done. If you want your tattoos to be design, don’t look for a bargain basement cost.

The artist uses small needles to penetrate the skin. A licensed tattoo artist will always use fresh needles to stop infection. Ensure you see your artist open the new needles before he starts work on your tattoo. You may have to see a doctor if you get an infection and you might have a ugly scar instead of body art.

People that are fearful of needles probably shouldn’t consider body art unless its temporary. Designs can be put on the surface of the skin using decals or henna dye. The designs will wear off, probably in roughly a week. You can always use another decal or have an artist in henna apply a new “tattoo”. This permits you to change your mind if you don’t like the tattoo.

Permanent tattoos are made by using needles to inject ink into the skin. While the needles don’t go truly deep, they can hurt, especially in sensitive areas like the interior of the arm. Areas with fewer nerves, like the upper back hurt less, but it is’s still certain to be uncomfortable. You can ask your artist about the best places for your tattoo.

Picking out the art you need is one of the finest things about getting a tat. You can choose from offerings you artist shows you, or you can surf the web for new ideas. If you find a design you like, you can print it and bring it to your artist. He will be able to work from your print out and if he likes the design, your tattoo could join his display. If you don’t see anything you like, ask your artist about a custom tattoo. He will make a drawing of the design and show it to you before you make your last call.

Deciding where to put your tattoo is really important. People who work in retail sales, food service or in an office environment, should probably opt for a location that’s’s usually covered by their work clothes. A lot of bosses frown on body art for their staff. If your art won’t cause issues on your job, put the tattoo anywhere you would like it.

What size do you need your tattoo to be? Some people favor a tiny inconspicuous tattoo, while others like to cover their complete bodies with art work. If you choose an enormous design with multiple colors, you could have to have it completed over several sessions. Plan on spending at least 2 hours for each session. This type of tattoo requires a lot of detail from the artist and a lot of patience from you.

Like any artist, a licensed tattoo artist takes pride in his work and he would like for you to be cheerful. He also doesn’t would like you to suffer any complications. He may ask if you have allergic reactions and before setting you up for the butterfly tattoo, he may do a patch test on your skin. Some folks may be allergic to the ink.

If you have considered all the angles and still desire that tattoo, think about your body as a canvass. You can have tattoos anywhere you would like and you can have as many tattoos as you want. Select your designs and your artist punctiliously though, these won’t wash off, and removing cross tattoos is difficult and costly and can leave a scar. Tattoo removal involves the utilization of a laser and can only be performed by a board certificated plastic or dermatological surgeon. You believed getting the tat was costly.

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Make No Mistake About It…The Tattoo Industry Is Hot Property

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U.S. news and World Report has ranked tattooing as the sixth fastest growing retail venture of the 1990s, right behind Internet, paging services, bagels, computer and cellular phone service.

There are an estimated 20,000+ tattoo establishments operating in the United States. According to report in a U.S. News & World Report article, on the average, an establishment is being added in the country every single day.

Emerging from an unsavory reputation of the recent past, tattoos have gained increasing prominence in the past decade. Life magazine estimated in 1936 that approximately 2% of Americans had tattoos. Several Harris Polls, done in 2003 and 2008, show those numbers at an estimated 16% (2003) and 14% (2008) of Americans now have one or more tattoos.

Thirty-six percent of those ages 18 to 25, and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40, have at least one tattoo, according to a fall 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center. The National Geographic News stated in April 2000 that 15% of Americans were tattooed (or approximately 40 million people!) Esquire Magazine estimated in March 2002 that 1 in 8 Americans was tattooed. The Harris Poll done in 2003 estimated that fully 36% of those aged 25-29 had one or more tattoos. Another Harris Poll done in 2008 showed that same age group had dropped to 32% with one or more tattoos. According to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, they stated in 2005, that of all the people they treat with laser and light therapy, only 6% are getting a tattoo removed. A 2006 a study done by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed: that’s almost one in four. And the survey showed that about 36% of Americans age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo!

The tattoo industry spawns an amazing amount of internet searches…here are some astounding numbers: Search Engine Lycos ranks the Top 50 search terms every week. “Tattoos” was the third most popular search term in 2002, the fourth most popular search term in 2001, seventh most popular search term for the year 2000, and the eleventh most popular search term in 1999.

“Tattoo and tattoos” is one of only seven search terms that has never fallen out of the Top 50 Search terms in the 199 weeks since Lycos has been keeping track. The other six terms are Dragon Ball, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Las Vegas and the WWE/WWF.

In July of 2002 “tattoos” reached it all time highest ranking ever coming in as the number two most requested search term on the internet. “Tattoos” was requested more often than Britney Spears, marijuana or Kazaa, thus illustrating that skin ink is more popular than “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll!”

According to Lycos, tattoos very rarely drops out of the top ten search terms requested on the Internet and Lycos dropped the term because they wanted to make room for other searches.

since tattoos are no longer taboo, their popularity has proved that skin is always in. Here is some additional interesting data that will surprise you about tattoo searches:

Back tattoos rank the highest in searches (lower, upper and all over). But, not far behind: necks, arms, wrists and ankles. Unmentionables also rank high.

Angelina’s tattoos rank the highest in the celebrity category. searchers are also intrigued by other celebs. Most notably, Nicole Richie, Alyssa Milano and heavy metal rockers Metallica.

Here are some extremely interesting things people have to say about having a tattoo: Three in Ten Americans with a Tattoo say having one makes them feel sexier. Just under half of adults without a Tattoo say they would like to get one in the future. Most people with a tattoo say they plan to get more tattoos.

In the past five years, much has been discussed about the stigmas of those people with tattoos. But, that does not seem to have much of an impact of the number of people who have them because just 2 percent fewer Americans say they have tattoos. The number who regrets their tattoo has also not really changed in the past five years.

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